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25th Birthday Haul

So last weekend I turned 25. That’s right, I am officially a quarter of a century old! I remember when I was younger I thought life would be so different at 25 but now that I’m there I still feel too young to do most things on my own and I’m constantly thinking “I need an adult!” However this post isn’t about my reservations about turning 25, but about what my family and friends (and a little present to myself) spoiled me with on my birthday.

Let’s start with what my dear Shelby got me. This girl knows me too well and sent me into an excited tizzy when I opened them. First she got me an adorable bag charm from Skinny Dip Londonย which is bright, fun and right up my alley. She then got me the Anastasia Beverly Mini Summer Lip Gloss Setย which contains 6 mini tubes of lip gloss that smell like vanilla (YUM!). The coloursย are just perfect for summer but also will be great for fall and winter with those berry tones! It also contains nudes which is always a win in my books. Lastly, she got me 10 Makeup Geek eye shadows in various shades. I was really excited to receive these because I had been wanting to try MUG shadows for ages and let me say they did not disappoint.

Next my lovely family bought me an assortment of goodies. I received a bag and plaid shirt that aren’t pictured because they were just too big but let me assure you they are great. As for what’s seen above I got the Peter Thomas Roth Mask Sampler Kit which contains 6 of the most popular face masks to try out. I love a good face mask so I was excited to get this. So far I have only tried one but it was divine. I also received 3 individual eye shadows from Anastasia Beverly Hills in the shades China Rose, Intense Gaze and Sangria. If you couldn’t already tell I am working on building my individual shadow collection and these were the perfect addition to my collection.

Some last bits I received were a Starbucks gift card (thanks for aiding my obsession Bailey) and Amanda took me for brunch at Canteen here in Edmonton and gave me a super sentimental and thoughtful gift that I’ll be honest, made me cry. Guess I’m getting sensitive in my old age. I also bought myself a little present from Sephora that day. I purchased the Urban Decay All Nighter Liquid Foundation. I had been dying to try this for a while and so far I like it. Keep an eye out for a possible review in the future!

All in all it was a wonderful birthday weekend filled with good drinks and great people. Let’s see what 25 has in store for me!




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