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Review: NYX Wonder Stick

I am so into contouring my face. Skinnier face and defined cheekbones? Yes please! I had wanted to get into cream contouring but I was a little nervous I would end up a muddy looking mess, until I found this little gem. Shelby and I love NYX products so I thought I would give their Wonder Stick a try. It was only about $15 so I thought I would try this before dropping $50 on a high end cream contour kit.


I got the shade Medium/Tan and it works great with my skin tone. You basically draw on everywhere you want to highlight and contour and then blend away. This product blends super easily into the skin and leaves you with a very subtle and natural looking contour. I usually amp it up with a powder after to give it a little more definition but it also looks great on it’s own. The contour colour is not too grey or too red toned, it seems to be the perfect cream contour shade for me. The highlight shade is not too pink or yellow either. Honestly this product works absolutely great for me all around, which is sort of a rare find especially with drug store products. The only minor thing that I am not a fan of is the lids on the packaging get a little grubby quite quickly, but if that’s the only thing I can find wrong I’ll take it. Well done NYX, you’ve done it again!




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