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Must Have Eye Brushes FT. Morphe


I was never one to invest in my tools when it came to makeup but after hearing more and more about Morphe I knew it was time to up my game. I’ve talked about the brand a couple times but now that I’ve had more time to play with them, I needed to let you know my full thoughts and honestly if you get one thing from this post let it be this – order as quickly as you possibly can because once you have them you will not put them down. As a company I have nothing bad to say, their quality is amazing, you can’t beat their prices and the shipping is the fastest I’ve ever seen. So, let’s get into it shall we? Now of course you probably don’t need a million brushes to do amazing makeup so I will share with you the ones that have changed my makeup game completely.

If you’re a liner addict like me and you want the perfect brush for that hard to conquer gel liner the E38 will be your best friend. This brush has just the right amount of density that you will feel completely in control of that flick. With this brush your eyeliner will sense no fear!

The E36 & E37 are my go-to for the lower lash line. The E36 is fluffy allowing you to blend out any shadows but small enough that you won’t get up with shadow all the way down your face. While the E37 is not only smaller but denser making it great for getting right under your lashes for that doll eyed look.

Now for blending brushes, because no girl can have enough of those am I right? As Jaclyn Hill always says “blend until your fingers bleed”! The E23, E28, E17 & E22 all vary in size, but are all the perfect amount of fluff to diffuse any colour into any beautiful eye look you’re going for. The E23 would also do a great job as a concealer brush if you’re in the market for something large and fluffy for your under eyes. Speaking of concealer brushes, my new favourite the E30This brush is on the flatter side, but packs and blends out concealer perfectly!

Now for everybodies favourite makeup step; the highlight. You probably don’t need both of these but depending on how you like to apply your inner eye/brow bone highlight these are for you. The E19 a flatter, denser option or the E18 a fluffier, softer option. Both are great and both do the job, I will leave the decision in your hands.

Now it’s your turn! What’re your favourite brushes!? Let me know in the comments below.




  1. I ordered a couple of these brushes from Morphe last week and I’m so glad I did! I love them and I want even more. They’re such high quality for the price, amazing! 🙂

  2. Emily's Epoch says

    Every time I get the smallest amount of money I always buy Morphe brushes… I’m addicted!!

    • You definitely should, they’re great. Inexpensive and don’t shed – a very important quality if you ask me. I’m sorry i’m not sure its just a shellac colour from the nail salon but i’m sure there are tons of dupes.

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