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My Favourite Light Coverage Foundations

I’ve said before that for most days I like to go for a fuller coverage foundation, but there are some days when my skin is giving me a bit of a break and I feel I can get away with wearing a light foundation or even a tinted moisturizer. So if you are blessed with good skin or just like a lighter foundation I thought I would share my favourites with you!

lightcoverage foundations.jpg

First up my favourite has got to be the Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup. The formula is so light and easy to blend into the skin and leavesΒ you the perfect natural finish that’s not too matte or luminous. The packaging is also my favourite because it’s sturdy, sleek and honestly just looks nice on my vanity.Β 

Next up is the Smashbox Liquid Halo Foundation. I found this randomly is Sephora one day and I really had never heard of it before, but I really love this stuff for good skin days. This foundation gives you more of a luminous finish compared to the Urban Decay stuff, but not so luminous you look like a walking disco ball. The packaging is also nice and sturdy but the matte lid get’s dirty really easily. Another bonus of this foundation is that it contains an SPF of 15, so it’s a great summer time pick! This foundation is definitely the hidden gem of my foundation collection but I’m so glad I found it.

Last but not least, the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. I tend to use this mostly in the Summer because it gives you light coverage but keeps the skin hydrated throughout the day. The pigment in the moisturizer is just enough to cover any redness or uneven tones in the skin while still looking like your own. Also with SPF 20 it not only provides protection as well as coverage.

I hope this helped some of you if you were looking for a good light coverage foundation, but I also did a post on my favourite full coverage foundations that you can read here if you’d like! What are your favourite light coverage foundations? Let me know!



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  1. Nice post! I do not use foundations unless there’s a special event. I use Physicians Formula Super BB Cream. It’s skin friendly and also has sun protection.

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