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Welcome To My Wardrobe : Lace Up Heels


When it comes to my wardrobe it’s usually a sea of neutrals and dark colours so I like to spice up my outfits with accessories. Ironically for a girl with an intense love for fashion the one thing I didn’t have was a great black heel, or even a subpar black heel. It was time to rectify that situation so I hit up ASOS.

ASOS is definitely my favourite online shop, I haven’t ordered from them in so long but their shoe section is one of my go to’s. I love them for two reasons;Β their price points work for everyone and their selection of brands makes it impossible to not find what you’re looking for.

Now for these heels; first of I’m in love. They’re elegant, but sexy and a great price. I love searching the New Look section on ASOS because it’s always a reasonable price and so comfortable. For those who don’t know I’m only 5’1 and my feet are a size 5 (UK3) so I can’t wear outrageously high heels – even if I want to – or else I’ll literally be standing (painfully) on my tip toes. So,Β between the heel height and the pointed Β toe these are a “short girls” perfect heel for elongating your legs.





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