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Favourite Primers For My Combination Skin

After a little week-long break, we are back! Shelby and I needed a bit of a blogging break. We were feeling a bit uninspired and needed a week to just chill out and recharge. However now we’re back, and today’s post is about my favourite primers I use pretty much every day.

 I never used to be a big believer in primers. For the longest time it was always the step I skipped and didn’t start using them until about 2 years ago. Now I use at least two different ones when I do my makeup. Why more than one? Because my t-zone is so oily but the rest of my face is drier than the Sahara. I’ve tried a few different primers but these 4 are my favourites! 

I always use a mattifying primer on my forehead and nose as those are the places that get oily throughout the day. My favourite mattifying primer that I’ve come across is the Makeup Forever Step 1 Skin Equalizing Mattifying Primer. It dries super quick and keeps my t-zone from getting shiny throughout the day. Next I use a hydrating primer all over the rest of my face to keep my skin happy under all that makeup. I have used the Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer for a long time and it’s definitely still one of my favourites, but lately the one I’ve been reaching for the most is the Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer. It’s texture feels so nice and refreshing and when I work it into my skin it leaves it feeling slightly tacky so I feel like whatever I put onto it next will really stick. The slight coconut scent is also delightful and the packaging is so cute! I also have the Makeup Forever Step 1 Skin Equalizing Smoothing Primer for days when I feel my skin is looking uneven or my pores are looking particularly large that day.

I definitely recommend picking up these primers to try for yourselves, and if you have any other suggestions I would love to know so leave me a comment! Happy Tuesday!




  1. louisegatfieldx says

    This is great 🙂 I’ve been wanting to try out the makeup forever primer for a while now so definitely think I will give it a go! please check out my blog-

  2. I’m currently loving the Makeup Forever Hydrating Primer! It doesn’t feel oily or slick when I apply it. Dying to try the Too Faced primer too. xo J

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