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Current Lifestyle Favourites


I thought we’d take a mini break from the beauty and share five things I’ve been loving life-wise these past couple of months:

First of all, it has finally hit -30 in Edmonton which means the parka is coming out and every giant scarf is about to be put to good use. Most importantly, Talula Mittens are probably the warmest mittens I’ve ever owned. I’ve gone through countless pairs of gloves but nothing has come close to these and even better they’re only $12 (on sale now for $6)

I’ve weirdly become obsessed with bag charms, I want them in every colour and shape like this one from ASOS. I feel like they add such a cute/fun element to any bag/outfit. Unfortunately the one above came with a bag from Zara that is no longer available but if you google “bag charms” you’ll find these everywhere at all different prices.

I am a huge hip hop/r&b fan so obviously I have to mention the new Chris Brown albums Royalty & Royalty International. Before they came out I was listening to Purpose on repeat, but these two albums quickly took over. Between “No Filter” “Fine By Me” & “Blood On My Hands” I just can’t stop listening.

I love reading, but I hate lugging around heavy books so when I received the Kobo I was ecstatic. They have a wide variety of cheaper books as well as ever book you could ever need. The only downside with this version is there is no backlight, but as long as you’re reading during the day you’re good to go. If you are like me and don’t physically need the book or just don’t have the storage in your house, the Kobo or Kindle are great options.

My mom bought me “It’s A 10” so many Christmases ago that I had forgotten all about it. The past couple of months I kept seeing it in different youtube videos and finally repurchased it. This formula does so many great things for your hair I remember instantly how much I loved it. From  adding shine to thermal protection this spray does it all. If you haven’t tried it yet, do so quickly!

What have you been loving lately?



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