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The Best Liquid Lipsticks For Every Budget


The Balm Meet Matt(E) Hughes Liquid Lipsticks $17 (pictured: Committed & Chivalrous)
This formula is definitely my favourite of all the ones I have tried. Not only do the last the longest – I’m talking HOURS! Usually with something as long lasting as this formula you’d assume they’d be super drying, but I can honestly say these not only dry completely matte in seconds but they don’t dry out your lips either. They also have a lovely vanilla mint scent/flavour which is extremely refreshing.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks $24 (pictured: Lolita & L.U.V.)
This is the first “high-end” formula I ever tried, meaning it’ll definitely be what I compare all other liquid lipsticks to. The Everlasting Lipsticks will last you all day, but as most liquid lipsticks do they will need to be touched up on the inner rim. I love the packaging, although the length of the wand takes away a bit of control when applying it to your lips so you do have to be careful. The number one reason I love these liquid lipsticks is because of the colour selection. 16 different shades and all of them are completely different from any of the other liquid lipstick shades out there.

Colour Pop Cosmetics Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks $6 (pictured: L.A.X. & Solow)
Colour Pop Cosmetics is killing the game these days, their products are amazing and their prices are even better. With that said, these are the greatest liquid lipsticks out there BUT for the price you are paying they’re pretty freakin’ great. Their colour selection leaves every person and skin tone happy. These do dry completely matte, but I find they are a thinner formula than most which forces you to apply multiple coats.

What is your favourite liquid lipstick formula?




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