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Who to Watch – Favourite YouTubers

Who doesn’t love searching YouTube for a good makeup tutorial? Well search no more, I have the channels for you! Here are the channels I love to watch right now:


Desi Perkins

First of all, this girl is so beautiful and her makeup skills are amazing. She’s so hilarious and her vidoes are the definition of good entertainment. Her editing skills are intense, if you have time definitely make sure to hit up her new vlog channel she created with her husband Steven! PS – follow her on Snapchat (desiperkins) for more hilarity.



Not only is this girl great at doing makeup but her face is probably the most symmetrical thing I’ve ever seen which makes it so nice to stare at (she says in the most non-creepy way). Also she’s best friends with Desi so when they do collaboration videos you know you’re in for a good time. She’s also hilarious on Snapchat so I definitely recommend you go follow lusterlux on Snapchat.


Nikkie Tutorials

This girl has skills and she’s not afraid to experiment with different colours and makeup trends. If you haven’t watched any of her amazing tutorials before I definitely recommend her monthly favourites or as she calls them her “Hits & Oh God No’s!” This girl knows her stuff.Β She’s also a girl after my own heart and loves to get her glow on!


Jaclyn Hill

The creator of the infamous Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector “Champagne Pop” (which is definitely a staple in my makeup collection). You know this girl knows her makeup. Not to mention she is so entertaining and charming, her videos are some of my favs!


Sammy Robinson

Confession – I have a total girl crush on this Gigi Hadid look alike. She’s also really good for everyday makeup looks that are easy to do but look amazing.

Who are your favourite beauty Youtubers at the moment? Let me know in the comments below!




  1. Okay wow, these are all of my favourites except for the last gal, i’ll have to check her out!!! I’m obsessed with Zoella, she is such a cutie!

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