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Let’s Talk Lip Liners


In my opinion lining your lips is the most important part of any makeup routine. There is nothing worse than a flawless face, then having your lipstick bleed all over. Some people don’t even realize its happening and it really can make or break your look. Whether you’re someone who just outlines, draw completely in or even likes to overdraw them from time to time lip liner should be your best friend. If you’re a lip liner beginner start slow, keep a steady hand and remember it’s just makeup it can always be removed. My favourite thing about liners is it can change a lipstick colour tremendously. For example if I want my pink lipstick to be a little darker I’ll use red, if I want my red lipstick lighter I’ll use nude. Liner’s are a great way to keep your lines clean and your lipstick collection growing.

If you’re into pencil lip liners my favourite drugstore choices are : NYX & Annabelle. Both have great colour selections and are long lasting. Annabelle also has their “Stay Sharp” line which is a in lid self sharpening liner which are amazing and glide on more smooth than the regular pencil liners. They are a bit drying if you compare them to my all time favourite which is MAC lip pencils. Your money is definitely well spent when it comes to these babies. Long lasting, hydrating and super creamy; but once again a little more pricey.

My new liner of choice however is Rimmel’s Exaggerate Lip Liner; inexpensive, creamy and extremely easy to apply. The pigmentation is amazing and the slanted tip makes it really easy to get into the cupids bow and tricky corners. Next on my radar is the new H&M Lip Definers so keep watch for that review coming soon!

As always I’d love to hear what your favourites are, so comment below!


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