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Top 3 Beauty Tools of the Moment

Happy Saturday lovely people. I never really think about the tools I’m using when I’m doing my hair and makeup. For the most part I’m just thinking about how much I love the products to be honest! However, I do love a good makeup brush and I need a good hair tool to get my hair to co-operate so I thought I would share with you my top 3 favourite beauty tools at the moment.



I LOVE this brush for blending. It’s definitely my favourite Morphe brush I own. It’s just so soft and easily blends out any eyeshadow I use. They are also easy to clean and don’t lose their shape in the process. I own 4 but I feel like I want 20 because they are just so nice!


Now up until about a year ago I had never really believed that curling my Β lashes did anything, also they sort of scared me. However, I saw these cute pink ones and really wanted them so I gave them a try. I definitely see a difference when I don’t curl them that’s for sure. Plus these have a nice little cushion on them and have a good spring to them so they are super easy and comfortable to use. Β I got these last year in a limited edition set around Christmas last year so unfortunately the pink ones aren’t around anymore, but Sephora currently has another set of the exact same pair just in purple which you can get here!


I got this straightener from Winners for only $40 and they are honestly better than any of the other expensive straighteners I’ve owned, also that pattern on this is so cute! This straightener heats up enough so I’m not going over my hair over and over and I can also easily curl my hair with it as well. I even sometime prefer to use it over my curling wand. If you live in Canada I really recommend checking out Winners for hair tools!

What are your favourite beauty tools at the moment? Let me know in the comments!



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