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My Top Five Polishes For Fall


We’re about three weeks into fall, and just looking at the front page of the blog I think its pretty obvious. But, in case it wasn’t I thought I’d throw in another fall post. This time around were talking about my favourite fall nail colours. I love muted tones or deep jewel tones and of course you can’t go wrong with a pinky nude am I right? Thanks to EssieΒ and their wide selection of colours you’ll always find your perfect fall colours, I’ve selected my top five so here we go:

  • Eternal Optimist – A spiced tea rose with a splash of cream
  • Mochacino – A perky grey with shimmer
  • Going Incognito – A deep emerald green
  • Merino Cool – A sensuous autumn mulberry
  • Over The Edge – A dramatic metallic midnight silver

What’s your favourite nail colour for fall?


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