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Makeup Steps I Learned Along The Way


I remember the days when my makeup consisted of five steps; foundation, blush, mascara, liner and sometimes a lip colour. Its crazy to think about because now it consists of about a billion steps I can’t even list them all but these are the ones I find the most important:

  1. Dry skin girls need this step. Since finding out about hydrating primers my life and my skin has changed. My #1 is of course the Laura Mercier but recently I’ve really enjoyed this Makeup Forever Primer as well. If you’d like a “vs.” post let me know! Not only does primer help keep your makeup around all day but also helps your skin stay moisturized all day long.
  2. I never primed my lids before learning about it in class, I’d actually never even heard of it until then. It really does help blend out shadows and keep your shadows from looking muddy. There is no way I’ll ever skip this step again. My favourite product to use is definitely MAC Cosmetics “Soft Ochre” but concealer and a little powder over top does the trick as well.
  3. Looking at old pictures before lip liner came into my life actually gives me a good laugh. Thanks to those pictures I’ve learned that lip liner is a must. It keeps my lips looking clean and my lipstick in place. MyΒ top three brands are MAC, NYX and Annabelle – they’re creamy and long lasting.
  4. If you’ve been snooping around here for a while you’ll already know Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder is my holy grail when it comes to setting my concealer. It brightens, stops creasing andΒ makes Β your under eyes SO FREAKIN’ soft! If you’re pale like me and don’t already own this I highly recommend it.
  5. I’ve actually only started this step a couple weeks ago, thanks to Amra or Amrezy as she’s known on Instagram. She’s known to spray Fix+ after makeup applications to enhance your highlight. Let me tell you first hand this stuff works. It’s also great for dry skin because its extremely hydrating and helps all those powder products sink into your skin and give a fresher look. I still spray my Urban Decay Setting Spray afterwards but for highlighter and hydration purposes this is the one!

Let me know what steps your makeup routine would be a mess without in the comments below!



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