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My Must Have Summer Bags

There are so many elements to creating the perfect outfit but my favourite would have to be picking the right handbag. In fall and winter I normally reach for anything bulky and black, but spring and summer is a bit more fun. I’m not one of those girls that packs their bags to the brim instead I only carry the essentials – card holder, phone, gym and a pair of sunglasses usually. With that said, cross body bags are my favourite. These five bags are always somewhere close by for when I need options.

Rebecca Minkoff makes some of my favourite bags, this Mini M.A.C Crossbody is by far my most used. I love the change up from your everyday black to navy, still just as versatile but not as harsh for summer time. I also love the Mini 5-Zip Crossbody, its a bit smaller than the M.A.C but just as cute! These bags also come in a large assortment of colours from “Watermelon” to prints like cheetah or leopard.

Every summer I  like to buy a couple inexpensive “trendier” bags, usually some sort of print or a different kind of shape. This white Zara bag for example, it probably won’t last forever or be in style but it’s a fun bag and it was on sale so why not! Now, I love this ALDO bag it really adds an element of fun to any outfit. I’ve gotten multiple compliments on it, and right now its on sale for $20 if there anything better?

And, last but not least for those days you need a little extra room this JustFab bag is perfect! Its cute, colourful and has a front pocket for easy accessibility for your phone – you look for that in a bag too, right?

What makes your favourite bag perfect for summer?




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