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Get Ready With Me: Varekai

This past weekend I headed to the Cirque Du Soleil show “Varekai” which in my opinion was a lot like “Mystère” where it’s entertaining to watch and they amaze you with their crazy acrobatic talents but you aren’t really sure what the story line is until you get home and look it up. I thought it would be fun to show you my hair, makeup and outfit for the day so lets get to it shall we?


Starting with makeup I thought I’d play with some colours so I mix up this look using purple and blue. Now picture wise it doesn’t look blue, which is unfortunate because in person I am loving it! It’s a very cold toned look which I’m not use to but I feel like it gave off a very day time appropriate vibe. I used the NYX matte bronzer for some all over warmth and contoured with the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil bronzer. I’m loving these Annabelle blushes I showed in my last haul (see it here) and have been wearing them nonstop – but more on that later this week. I then did my usual highlight, eyeliner and mascara and finished it off with this MAC x Prabal Gurung in “English Red” which I’ve been so in love with since it came in the mail many months ago.

As for hair, I happened to load it with hairspray and texturizing spray the night before so I got lucky that it wasn’t a total tangled mess after. The “blogger bun” is definitely one of my favourites just for the mere fact that sometimes I’m lazy. I got this shirt off a chinese retailer She Inside and I’ve dubbed it my “dentist shirt” can  you see the resemblance?

What’s your opinion on the “blogger bun” do you love or hate it? Let me know.



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