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The Best Bargain Buy Possibly Ever


Accessories/Boots Forever21 Wallet ALDO Top Walmart Jeans American Eagle


This outfit has been my weekend uniform for a while now. I love the wash of these jeans paired with a simple grey tee. Now the best part about this vneck is the fact that I got it at Walmart for under $20. This was definitely a last minute purchase, but it is probably the softest shirt I own and I love the rolled sleeve for that added detail. It really does prove that price really has nothing to do with appearance. If you ask me this outfit is not only comfy but extremely cute and it really didn’t cost all that much. I saw these boots on the Forever21 Instagram page and even with a couple haters – who needs those people anyway – I knew I needed them and since then they’ve been sitting patiently waiting for Spring and guess what? They’re still available and they come in black!




  1. prettylooksandbooks says

    This outfit is amazing! Those shoes are killer. I’m really loving your blog, ladies! Inspirational 🙂

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