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There’s A New Curl In Town




Before starting this blog I was a one mascara type of girl, you couldn’t get me away from Covergirl’s Lashblast Fusion. That was until Krystin raved about Benefit’s They’re Real mascara and I knew I had to give it a try, and of course she was right. While I still love my Covergirl mascara, I can’t help but want to try out all the “mascara world” has to offer. So when I saw that Benefit was coming out with their new “Roller Lash” mascara I knew I had to give it a go and whoa is it good! I received a sample size in my Sephora order and after only a few tries I’m convinced I need to bite the bullet and purchase the full size. I have quite long lashes naturally, which makes keeping a curl quite hard without the help of an actual eyelash curler. Not only do I have no need for an eyelash curler but with just a couple coats I feel like your look goes from dull to “daaaamn!” in seconds and it lasts all day/night

I thought I’d keep running with the Benefit theme going on in this look, with a few swipes of Hoola bronzer and as much as I disliked their Pushup Liner I thought I’d give it a second chance with this look. I must say either the product has gotten better with age, or I’m getting better with application – probably the latter. To finish off the look I used my new favourite lipstick from Sephora Collection; Rouge Cream in “Mmm…” Its the perfect mauvey-pink almost purple neutral shade. The application is so smooth and the finish reminds me of the satin shades from MAC. If you haven’t tried any Sephora lip products I highly recommend them.




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