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My Must Have Brushes


When it comes to brushes I can’t say I care much about the brand, although I’m sure one day I’ll want to invest in a whole set of MAC, Sigma or Zoeva brushes. Until that day I’ll work with what I have, and love. My brushes range from drugstore favourites to somewhat higher end and if you ask me they all do their intended job perfectly. So here is my seven must have types of brushes:

1. Sephora Pro Crease #10 – And yes, I have two. These brushes are amazing, I can’t do any look without using it. They’re just the right amount of fluff to pick up enough shadow without wasting any product and it blends so effortlessly thanks to the shape and softness of the hairs.

2. Concealer brushes – I like to blend of concealer below my eyes, on my chin and on the bridge of my nose with a fluffy brush like the one above so that it mixes in well to any foundations. I also find a fluffy brush compared to paint type brushes stop your concealer or powder from settling into any creases or lines you may have near your eyes or nose. While, I still like to use paint type brushes underneath your eyebrows when adding a little concealer to finish off the look.

3. Powder brushes – Big soft fluffy brushes are my absolute favourite, once again brand or no brand I’m in love. They’re good for translucent powders, matte powders, bronzers, name it you can probably make it work. If you don’t have a big fluffy brush in your kit your time is now. However, my Bobbi Brown eye crease brush I also use for powder. It looks a lot like the Sephora Pro Crease but it is quite larger and I find it works really well for setting your under eyes aswell as getting rid of any under eye creasing that might occur.

4. Eyebrow comb + Angle brushes – This duo is my go to for eyebrows. A quick brush through with the comb and your brows are ready for application. Now, the angle brush can be used for eyeliner, blending or mouse type products. I like to use this micro angle brush with the Anastasia Dipbrow for easy and precision application.

5. Blush Brushes – I am a blush addict I’ll say it, but this brush makes it easy. Like #3 it is a basic fluffy brush but it is a lot smaller than the two above, making it easy to apply to the apples of your cheeks. I also find this brush works well for cream blushes which usually isn’t the case.

6. Contour Brushes – It goes without saying every girl and their dog needs one of these, or in my case two. Contouring has becoming the biggest beauty accessory in the past year. A good angle brush will apply bronzer in every spot you need it. I also prefer to use an angle brush to apply highlighter on the high points of your face.

7. Foundation Brushes – This Sonia Kashuk brush is by far the best foundation brush I have ever found – and I’ve gone through a lot – its just short enough that it doesn’t swallow too much product but long enough that it isn’t too stiff. It buffs out your foundation to a perfect natural finish without any hassle.

If there are any brushes I’m missing out on or any types I need to add to my everyday makeup routine leave a comment below, I’d love to know!



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