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That Final Step

It’s crazy to think back on the “old days” at our beauty routines and remember how uneducated on makeup we were and how amateur our looks were. The days when we could use five products to create an entire look and we’d set our makeup by scrunching our eyes and coating our faces with Tresemme hairspray before leaving the house. We’re glad to say those days are long gone AND real setting sprays have now come into our lives.


MAC Prep+Prime Fix+

This was the first setting spray I had ever used and after first featuring it in our September Favourites I can honestly say it is still a favourite of mine. Not only does it help keep my makeup stay all day, but as the label says it also does a great job refreshing the skin. This spray not only can be applied at the end of application but also right after moisturizer but before foundation as well as in between applying foundation and powder – all depending on how my skin feels that day. These extra steps can help to keep my skin moisturized all day. Most people would find these multiple steps inconvenient but it soaks in so quickly you’ll almost forget you’ve done it. Not only is the product great but the packaging is also extremely convenient for travelling as the lid is created to lock so it can’t spray or spill no matter what!

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray

Urban Decay products are every makeup junkies go to when it comes to shadows – thank you Naked 1,2&3. But I can’t say I’ve looked much further when it comes to the brand. That was until we both decided to give setting sprays a chance. Now these sprays do also come in “De-Slick” which is for oil control as well as “Chill” which is cooling and hydrating. But, months ago we took a trip to Sephora on the look out for the “All Nighter” setting spray, we had heard a couple good reviews and thought we’d give it a try – they were all sold out except for one last bottle. And, now we know why – this spray is marketed to stay on all day up to 16 hours, and it really does just that! Your makeup doesn’t budge, it doesn’t set into any lines/creases and it keeps your skin looking flawless. This spray would definitely be repurchased again and again just for its staying power but I also found I liked it for the smell. Its a bit powdery and fresh and just a nice mist to end your daily application with.

Kat Von D Lock ‘N Load Makeup Setting Mist

This is only second spray I’ve used before but I must say I really like it! This claims to lock your makeup in place for 16 hours and I must say my makeup doesn’t move all day when I use this stuff. Its said that “its climate balancing ingredients help prevent makeup melt-downs when it’s hot, and they protect against dehydration and cracking in the cold” and that it’s good for all skin types.With my dry skin I don’t find it makes my skin tight or sticky at all. The packaging is also nice with a pretty design and dark packaging so it doesn’t get dirty in your makeup bag. Also, the lid doesn’t pop off easily so I’m not worried to pop this in a bag or suitcase on its own. For only $30 this stuff will last a while and its a great product. I definitely recommend it to anyone!



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