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Meet You at the Barre

PicMonkey Collage
(Photo Credit: Sculpt Barre)

Since our “New Years Resolution” I must say I’ve been doing a very good job of keeping to them, but the least important one on my list has seemed to become the best one. I have been sticking to a pretty healthy diet, helping me to save money and also talking myself into going to the gym often. Thankfully I do have my sister to keep up with so we’ve made a pretty good routine out of it. Heading to the gym about 2-3 times a week. But, since the new year I introduced her to possibly my favourite workout there is: Barre!

If I had to explain to someone what it is, I’d say it’s a mix of ballet without dancing, yoga without meditation and just a hint of pilates. This class has changed the way I look at working out. Now I like the gym as much as the next person don’t get me wrong, but having a scheduled class that you enjoy going to makes actually getting off your butt and working out so much easier. Barre works out every part of your body through small, pulsing movements allowing you to target muscles you didn’t even know you had. Krystin and I actually did two weeks unlimited last year and after 7 classes I can somewhat happily say I couldn’t move, it makes you so sore and really gives you a sense that you’ve worked out. Now that I’m doing it once a week I can really see changes and after a couple classes you seriously get the hang of it.

Not only can you tell people “I’m going to Barre tonight” and they’ll think you’re getting wasted every night when really you’re just getting secretly fit but you’ll probably have more fun at this class than the evil hangover of drinking. If you haven’t tried this workout or you’ve been thinking about doing it, I seriously recommend it! Sign up and let me know how it goes.



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