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This Years Resolutions


Looking back 2014 was a great year. So many things happened, not to mention we came together and created You, Me and Whatever only seven months ago. . But, today we are here to look at the future and with that said here are our 2015 resolutions:

Shelby’s New Years Resolutions

Skincare regime – I used to be the girl that sleeps in her makeup, or uses makeup wipes to remove her makeup. Near the end of 2014 I was slowly working at finding a routine, so my resolution is to be more active when it comes to taking care of my skin.
Save money – I am a shopaholic, that is just a known fact. So my goal this year, is to shop my closet instead of the store. I want to keep my spending to a minimum and if I do shop, you will find me at the sale racks. This resolution is priority number one!
Get out of the house – Lately I have found myself opting for staying in more and more, not that its bad to have a night in. But this year, I want to get out there more and spend more time with friends I haven’t seen in forever and just appreciate the people in my life more.
Put down the electronics – Social media has taken over, I cannot be found without my phone in my hand and I think its quite unhealthy. So, my resolution this year is to put the phone down when I’m with friends/family and really be in the moment – of course, a snapshot here and there won’t hurt though right?
Get to the gym – I wasn’t going to make this a resolution, because everyone does and 1/2 the time it doesn’t happen. But, after watching Essie Button’s Fitness Journey video on YouTube she has motivated me to do so. (If you haven’t seen it, get on it.) It’s not even the “get fit” aspect, I just want to be healthier. Whether that means 1 or 2 times of a week, or 3 or 4. Whatever happens, as long as I get there and make it count.

Krystin’s New Years Resolutions

Get More Sleep – I am always tired, and I need to learn to shut of all my electronic devices and go to sleep earlier. I am going to try for at least 7 hours of sleep a night, as well I am going to use my app that records my sleeping patterns and wakes me up when my body is the most ready to be awake.
Get Healthy – This one is so cliché but honestly shouldn’t we all strive to be a little healthier? I am going to start using that gym membership that I’ve been paying for and making a conscious effort to think about what foods I’m putting into my body. I’m going to start the year by doing a 30 day cleanse I did back in 2013 that I found put me on a good track (until I went to Vegas and fell off that track) and made me feel awesome. I also want to do a few different classes every now and again. So far I’ve tried Barre and I really enjoyed it but I haven’t really tried any others. If anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them!
Clean My Makeup Brushes – This one sounds so stupid but it truly is one of the most dismal beauty tasks. Now I’m not saying I never clean my brushes, I just definitely don’t clean them as much as I need to. I am aiming for once a week!
Spend Less/Save More – I am going to be pretty real with you here. My financial situation is pretty dismal, especially for someone who still lives at home. Granted I do pay my parents rent and half my debt is attributed to student loans, but it’s still definitely not okay. My love for travel and shopping has put me in a pretty sad place. My goal for this year is to get better with my money, starting with getting rid of my credit cards and putting a set amount of each paycheck into my savings account!
Be Happy – This sounds so sappy and is kind of personal, but this year has been a sort of struggle with myself. I recently had a seriously conversation with myself about my happiness and I finally admitted to myself that the only person in charge of my happiness is me. I am going to try to be a more positive person, and make decisions that make myself happy and not try to do things just to please others. In 2015 I hope to become happy with who I am and love myself.

Do you believe in New Years Resolutions? If so what are yours for 2015? We wish everyone a fantastic 2015!


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