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Love/Hate: Eyeliner



This time around we couldn’t help but agree with each other on our love/hate. The perfect winged liner can only happen with the help of the perfect recipe. That being the Kat Von D tattoo liner in “Trooper”. Essie Button and Hey Claire weren’t kidding when they said that this liner was a Holy Grail product. The precision in the tip allows for flawless application which helps on those early mornings or quick afternoon touch ups. It also lasts quite awhile since the tip never goes dry and the product just lasts forever! This liner is perfect for makeup minors or those seasoned pro’s. If you ask us this is a must in our beauty bags and we hope you think so as well.

There was so much hype around the Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner and personally we were let down quite quickly by this product. Don’t get us wrong we are huge fans of most Benefit products, we’ve even raved about their mascara in one of our past posts, but this time we couldn’t help but be disappointed. It was advised that it takes a little practice to get used to but after many trial and errors we’re still rubbish at applying it. Not to toot our own horns I’d say we are pretty advanced when it comes to applying all types of eyeliners, from gels to liquids but this was a brand new terrible experience. Now this products staying power is amazing we will say that but its definitely a one time only purchase.



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