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Family Matters

A couple days after my trip to Las Vegas, I was at home having dinner with my parents when they asked if I’d like to join them on a road trip to visit family in Kelowna. The thought of going away for two weekends in a row seemed a bit hectic, but who can say no to the paradise that is British Columbia. Its basically the California of Canada so, of course I went. I actually hadn’t met these relatives yet (I’m 22 years old, crazy right!?) so we packed up the car Friday morning and went on our way.

1. Driving through Jasper. 2. Stopped at the most shallow lake on the highway – we just had to get our feet wet. We’re pretty sure we could have walked the whole way without getting our knees wet. 3. The mountains are beautiful, aren’t they?

4. Day two, morning view at my Aunt&Uncle’s house. 5. Went down to the marina for a day on my Uncle’s boat and went swimming in the lake. 6. Had a BBQ lunch on the boat aswell, I think I need a boat like this in my life.

7. After all day on the boat I decided to relax on the swing and get some reading in. 8. 1 of 4 books I read on the trip. (Everything is Perfect When You’re a Liar by Kelly Oxford. It by Alexa Chung. Manrepeller by Leandra Medine. GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso. All recommended) 9. After a long day this was the beautiful sunset view from the patio.

10. Spent our last day testing wines at the local wineries, how cool is this wall print? All their labels are 3D! 11. Spent some quality time with my cousin and her fiancé at Cactus Club for lunch and Smack Dab’s for pre-dinner drinks. 12. Dad took the family for a delicious Italian dinner where I got the best mocha I’ve ever had – the perfect way to end the trip.

13. Of course, we had to stop at the local fruit vendors on our way out of BC. 14. Stopped in Banff for dinner on the way home. 15. More mountains of course! I must say the way home was more scenic than the way there. The Banff way is the best way.






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