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The Sugar Factory

Shelbys Outfit- Boots: Sam Edelman Shorts, Sunglasses & Shirt: Forever21
Jewelry: Plaid Giraffe Purse: Winners

Krystin’s Outfit- Shorts&Sunglasses: Forever21 Shirt: Zara Purse: Spring


Our last day in Vegas was a sad one, but after five days in Vegas our bodies were definitely ready to come home. We decided to make the most of our last hours with a trip to The Sugar Factory. We took the tram from our hotel, which took us through to the Bellagio allowing us to do a little sight seeing through the garden and took a couple tourist-y photos. During our last trip we had a fantastic meal at the well known Serendipity which is known for its frozen hot chocolates. Just like Serendipity, The Sugar Factory is known for some pretty awesome drinks. They are a little pricey at $36 but they are huge, as you can see! These drinks are delicious and definitely worth the money but we do reccomend sharing with a friend because we definitely couldn’t finish it ourselves.


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